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Terra is Your Partner in Risk and Your Partner in Success.

Terra is the nation's second oldest professional liability insurer, and was the first to specialize in providing professional liability coverage to geoprofessional and environmental engineering firms. Conservatively run and well capitalized, Terra has become one of the United States’ strongest and most reliable insurers of design professionals; specifically, geotechnical, civil, and environmental engineers.

Formed in 1968 as a Bermuda-based insurance company, Terra reorganized in 1988 as a U.S. based risk retention group (RRG) — an innovative type of insurance company enabled by the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986.

As an RRG, Terra is owned exclusively by its policyholders — meaning that its policyholders invest their premium dollars in Terra instead of pouring their premiums down the “insurance black hole.” This unique framework enables Terra to provide personalized customer service to its policyholder base while simultaneously lowering their net cost of insurance over time.

This structure defines our organization, shapes our operating policy, and can be summed up in a word: partnership.