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Wood Science Consulting specializes in a variety of issues with wood and wood based-materials such as: in-situ assessment and evaluation of timbers and lumber such in large timber buildings, resistance drilling of timbers and utility poles to document internal and hidden decay or termite attack, evaluation of marine and foundation pilings, assessment of historic structures and timber bridges, product failure analyses; such as ladders, scaffolds, concrete formwork; the performance of wood finishes exterior wood trim and lumber, examination of cedar shake and shingle installations, assessment of moisture damage, including issues in buildings and building envelopes, assessment and evaluation of structural composite lumber and panels, issues with flooring and furniture and flooring, wood decay, wood species identifications, and much more as well as expert witness testimony.

For the very best consulting and expert services, please contact Matt and be certain to tell him you are an ASCE member and found Wood Sciences Consulting in your online ASCE Buyers Resource